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Established in 2000 Galaxy Corporation started its journey to providing human resources recruiting services. Its primary objective is to provide world class service to its clients at a competitive price.

Galaxy Corporation was conceptualized with a vision to serve the people with a true human heart and competent assistance to everyone. It is staffed with highly experienced people, to ensure the employment of all applicants to their selected country of employment.

Galaxy Corporation first started deploying Professionals, Skilled workers & domestic helpers to K.S.A, U.A.E Qatar & Malaysia full concentration on Architects, Interior and Graphic Designers, Engineers, Draftsmen, Nurses, Chefs, Sales staffs, Waiters, Welders, Carpenters, Factory workers, Care Givers, Care takers and Domestic helpers. We are currently supplying Professionals and highly skilled workers for construction projects such as Senior Engineers, Architects, Draftsmen, Interior and Graphic Designers, Top Sales Executives, Executive Secretaries, HVAC Technicians, Electricians, Welders, Steel & Aluminum Fabricators, Painters, Carpenters and General workers. With the wide range of supply and demand of Job Categories, Galaxy Corporation will soon to market and cater to more countries in The Middle East.

Galaxy Corporation holds its main office at the heart of the Dhaka, Bangladesh. This serves as the main headquarters where employers and principals can visit and with its welcoming setting, will surely make them feel at home and comfortable to do business.